hi. i'm joshua draxten

this is my web dev portfolio

You are what you do. Professionally, this is what I do:

I Build Websites

I build websites with a healthy mix of practicality and perfectionism. I have strong opinions lightly held about how a website should be put together. I design websites too. Although design in the "Form follows function" way, nothing flashy, but always sleek and always serving the UX and conversions.

See examples on this site

I Build SaaS Products

The stack I like is: TypeScript, ReactJS, MongoDB and Netlify

I worked on the SaaS of my previous job Genoo, and have made a few small SaaS bets in my spare time. I've found I can go from Create React App to working MVP in about a week.

I'm Always Learning

I'm always tinkering with new technologies. Lately it's been AI. No matter what the domain, I can probably do it (should I is a different question). Everything I make, I think human-first. Efficiancy only counts when there's a human waiting.

I'm Looking for my Next Role

If you need someone like me to help you out with your project, your'e in luck! Someone like me wants to help you out too! (That's me)

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