case study: greedyboy

men's fashion ecommerce

While men's luxury fashion is one of the fastest growing industries, legacy brands are really the only ones benefiting from this. The founders of Greedyboy wanted to turn this tide by creating an online magazine to lift up the smaller designers and brands pioneering a bold new future for men's fashion.

Branding + Design

I worked with the founders to define a unique look. Borrowing minimalism from the fashion's typical web aesthetic I added a larger focus on colors to add energy and youth to the brand.

Greedyboy Article

Redefining Affiliate eCommerce Design

Greedyboy's income comes from recomending products. I created a custom interface to search for and tag products to feature on their site or in their articles.

I beleive in the age old advice "Form Follows Function". Typically when you click on a product, it opens another page. This is jarring because typically you're looking and comparing different peices with eachother. I designed their shop to expand the product in its place, giving all the information the user wants while not removing them from the context.

Greedyboy eCommerce